Roman catholic church of

Our Lady of Belynichi

"Марыя, ахвярую Табе сваё сэрца."
Св. Дамінік Савіо


Welcome to the website of Our Lady of Bialyniche Church in Bialyniche!

On this page there is an information and news about the life of our Parish. You can find here also news about building a new church for the glory of our Lady which is carried out to renew and expand the cult of hers that was well known in the Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania formerly.

The Parish belongs to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Minsk-Mohilev, where His Eminence Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz is a Metropolitan Bishop and Archbishop.

His Eminence, Bishop Jerzy Kosobucki - Auxiliary Bishop and Vicar General.


His Eminence, Bishop Aleksander Jaszewski, S.D.B. - Auxiliary Bishop and bishop’s Vicar for Mohilev and Mohilev Region.

Our Parish belongs to Mohilev Deanary, where fr. Witalij Margunow M.A. is a Dean.

We wish you God’s blessing and we invite you to promote us.

With prayers, fr. Józef Sierpiejko, administrator of the Parish.


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