Roman catholic church of

Our Lady of Belynichi

"Кахайце Марыю і рабіце ўсё, што магчыма, каб людзі Яе кахалі. Дзеля Яе хвалы маліцеся на ружанцы. Рабіце гэта заўсёды."
св. а. Піо

Holy Mass

  • Holy Mass: Sunday 3pm, Monday – Saturday 5:30pm
  • Rorate Mass: every Saturday during Advent 7:00am
  • Way of the Cross: every Friday during Lent 5:30pm
  • May Devotions and June Devotions: after Holy Mass
  • Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament: every first Sunday of the month
  • Rosary: in October after Holy Mass


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