Roman catholic church of

Our Lady of Belynichi

"Пры Табе хачу жыць, за Табой штодзённа ісці."
св. Тэрэса ад Дзіцятка Езус

Devotion to Saint Joseph

The Saint Joseph Feast is celebrated by Church on the 19th of March. He is a beloved one of the Virgin Mary. The Feast is a Holy day of obligation, so every member of Catholic Church must attend a Holy Mass then. Except for that day the Church celebrates Devotions to Saint Joseph every Wednesday of each week.

The name Joseph can be translated as "God shall add”. Formerly the 19th of March was a public holiday.

Saint Joseph – he is a worker, ordinary craftsman and a thoughtful man as well. He joins his wife and a child in a fair way to bring them care and safety. That is why people address him for help in building family relations. However, these are not all of the “capacities” of Saint Joseph.

We might say that the caring for our everyday basic needs is also the responsibility of Saint Joseph. Maybe that is why he is a patron saint of material matter within a lot of monasteries.

In our Parish, we have Devotions to Saint Joseph too. Each Wednesday of a week we celebrate a Holy Mass during which we ask Saint Joseph for care and help with building new parish church and community and we pray for all of benefactors and donors of our Parish. After the end of the Holy Mass, an Adoration to The Blessed Sacrament combined with a Litany of Saint Joseph takes place.

Ks. Joseph Serpejko


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